Testosterone Cypionate vs Enanthate: Which is better for men?

Testosterone Cypionate and Testosterone enanthate are part of testosterone esters. It drives the high testosterone levels in males. Both can help improve mood and are often used among athletes and bodybuilders as it helps them build their muscle mass and strength. 

But on top of that, there is often a debate on which one is better for men to improve low testosterone levels. So, to clarify your confusion, here is a brief guide on Testosterone Cypionate and Testosterone enanthate. 

Have a look and find out about these medications in brief. This guide will let you know which is a better option for improving overall issues among men. 

What is Testosterone Cypionate?

A cypionate is a synthetic form of testosterone. A doctor directly injects it into the muscles, or you can do it yourself. This testosterone is used for treating hypogonadism. It is a disorder that is caused due to lack of sexual hormone production. 

However, there are two types of hypogonadism, first is Primary, and the second is hypogonadotropic. Testosterone Cypionate treats both of them. However, people taking this might witness hair growth, mood swings, and headaches. You can quickly get Cypionate for sale online at a-steroidshop.ws. Before doing so, we recommend you to read a-steroidshop.ws reviews.

What is Testosterone enanthate?

Testosterone enanthate is the most common synthetic testosterone directly injected into the body. Although it is perfect for all levels of men, it is most suitable for adults. Testosterone enanthate helps males who have a low level of testosterone. Besides, males consuming this testosterone might witness side effects like acne, voice change, or hair growth. But that is temporary. This medication is sold under Delatestryl. 

What are the similarities between Enanthate and Cypionate?

  • Both Enanthate and Cypionate are synthetic. 
  • They are taken through injections.
  • Both are effective in treating males with a lower level of testosterone. 
  • enanthate and Cypionate are testosterone esters
  • enanthate and Cypionate are androgenic medications
  • Both of them have long half-lives.  

What are the differences between Cypionate and Enanthate?

  • Cypionate has eight carbon atoms and is taken through injections, whereas Enanthate has seven carbon atoms.
  • Enanthate is the oldest form of testosterone, while Cypionate was available after Enanthate. 
  • Enanthate is available under the brand name “delatestryl,” whereas Cypionate is available under “depo-testosterone.”
  • Cypionate is suitable for every man as it is less versatile, while Enanthate is for adults as it is more versatile. 
  • Enanthate contains more testosterone per mg, while Cypionate contains less.
  • Enanthate is made from sesame oil and has a shorter active life, while Cypionate is derived from cottonseed oil and has a longer active life. 

What are the benefits of Cypionate?

This testosterone is to treat hypogonadism. Often when a male cannot produce testosterone naturally after a certain age, this testosterone helps them. It relieves mood swings, erectile dysfunction, and poor concentration. Besides, all the symptoms of poor sexual desire are eliminated. The benefits would multiply if taken together with dianabol for sale in usa. You can buy from a trusted online store, read a-steroidshop.ws reviews to make sure this vendor suits you.

What are the benefits of Enanthate?

Testosterone enanthate is for treating androgen deficiency. It is the most common type of testosterone that is used while replacing androgen. Enanthate is a legalized drug for men and even helps treat breast cancer in women.

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