what is politics and what is its role

Politics in the

life of society

What Is

Thanks to the Aristotle

It is an extremely complex area of human relations. One of its most important tasks is the management of society, taking into account the interests of various social subjects. These interests are often mutually exclusive.




Is defined as a sphere of activity related to the distribution and exercise of power within the state and between states in order to achieve the security of society.


Broad Sense

In the broadest sense, politics is interpreted only as activities to organize the joint-life of people in society.


Political Laws

The existence and status of a policy depend on a number of factors. These stable necessary factors, or connections, are the laws of politics.



Dependence of a subject's policy on interest in another subject. The policy is made by the one who lacks security.

Politics as a Social Phenomenon

"Politics" and "Power"


In the analysis of the first category, i.e. politicians usually distinguish two main approaches, namely: traditional, when politics is determined through the state and people's participation in the implementation or opposition of power; sociological, within which politics is interpreted in the broadest sense, as any type of social activity associated with the independent leadership of people, the distribution of benefits and resources, the settlement of conflicts, etc.

traditional approach


In the traditional approach, politics appears as a special, different from others, state-power sphere of public life and is realized in it. Hence such specific definitions of politics, interpreting it as: the scope of the struggle for power and the way of exercising this power; science and art of public administration; method of producing legal social orders and instructions, etc.

The need for a policy


As its fundamental social foundation, politics has an objective need of society for self-regulation, for maintaining cohesion and unity. Society is asymmetrical in structure. The existence of various classes and social groups (professional, demographic, ethnic, etc.) that have mismatched or even directly opposite interests, aspirations, ideologies, inevitably leads to their clash and struggle with each other.

force organization


And in order for this struggle, natural at all times and among all peoples, not to take the form of a war "of all against all", a special organization of force is required, which would take upon itself the function of preventing it and would provide the necessary minimum of social regulation and order. It is this function of self-preservation of society that is performed by politics, and, above all, in the person of such a supreme subject as the state. It is no coincidence that politics is often defined as "the art of living together, the art of unity in the multitude."

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