Advertisements Are Tricky! How to Be a Smart Shopper?

There is nothing more important than knowing the right price for the right product that you are about to get. We may even spend a few minutes comparing prices on sites like OwlRatings and seeing what we can find best in the particular price range. But sometimes, we’re not as cautious and end up falling victim to misleading ads. These ads are purposefully misleading to convince you to purchase a particular product.

How Do You Know That These Ads Are Misleading?

You can look at the claims. See if they make sense, or even if the product does not seem to be found in your area at a price offered by the advertisement. The info may be technical or otherwise hard to get hold of, so buying what’s offered from an advertisement is more convenient. Before buying anything sight unseen, you should learn these five tricks advertisers use to trick shoppers into spending more than they planned.

  • Familiarize yourself with typical signs of false advertising before purchasing anything that’s “too good to be true.” Ads like these are likely to exaggerate the quality or performance. By claiming it will do something impossible or significantly better than similar products on the market.
  • Be aware of the “As Seen On TV” claim. It may sound good, but you should check if the ad claims that a major media outlet has endorsed anything advertised. This would mean that many people have tested and approved something as being practical, safe, or reliable.
  • Check out the small print and see what is stated in the fine print if you buy online. Look for terms such as “limited time offer” or any other promises which suggest that there will be less competition or higher prices later on.
  • Make sure you know where exactly your money will go before buying anything sight unseen off an advertisement. Don’t just look at a company’s reputation, but also find out if the company has been sued for making false claims. If a consumer organization or government agency has found that an ad is misleading, don’t be tricked into buying it.
  • Don’t be easily convinced. It’s possible to sell anything to anybody with the right ad campaign. Therefore, companies go to great lengths to design more convincing ads and easier to believe than they ought to be. If you think you’ve found something, do some research on your own before making any purchase.

Conduct Your Own Market Research

Sometimes, companies or sellers create fake reviews about their products on their websites and other third-party platforms like social media. Before giving in to their marketing strategy, try doing your market research using the platforms like OwlRatings and other tools. To get an accurate idea of what you are going to purchase. This is to say that you should not be misled by appealing claims for the product or service. Instead, check out your options before deciding what brand you will be buying.

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